Around 5pm on June 7, the tornado sirens went off and the rains came down (no tornadoes, thankfully).  After only 3 hours of torrential downpour, this is what our backyard and basement looked like.

Again, the rains came around noon on June 8.  This time is was only the backyard and the ducks were loving it.


The calm before the storm

The east side of our backyard completely submerged in water. This is about 1-1.5 hours into the storm.

The lumber for the deck floating away.

The west side of the back yard. It will soon be over the road.

The pop-up camper we borrowed, now half under water. Sorry John and Rita :(

The new "lake" now is into the neighbor's backyard and all of our lumber is gone.

The water is now almost as high as the bucks in the back.

This is where the patio and new bridge are supposed to be.

Brave Travis ventures after the lumber.

Travis standing on our patio.

Up to his thighs by the sawhorses.

And now fishing out the lumber at the end of the yard and throwing it up on to the neighbors yard.

The road is now almost completely flooded.

Carrying the wood onto the neighbors yard

Ricky joins in.

Fishing out more lumber

Still fishing...

After getting all the lumber onto higher ground, the boys head back.

And hit a deep spot.

This is our backyard!!!!!! Grrrr.....

Can't believe the camper didn't just float away

Not the brightest move as the car is now stuck in the water on the road.

But the boys come to the rescue.

And the car finally makes it through

The neighbors across the street aren't faring well either.

The boys standing in the road.

And heading back to the house.

And this is what we found in the house.

We quickly started to move everything up. Cleaning out all the storage areas which already had about 2 inches of water.

My exercise room with puddles

The water was coming in from all corners of the house. But the new patch of carpet stays dry (so far..)!

Trying to keep stuff dry with Chaser's help

The rest of our "stuff"

This was just the beginning.

Both the bathroom and storage rooms flooded.

These were the first ones we noticed.

Piling stuff on the stairs to keep things dry.

Behind the bar is wonderfully dirty water.

The bedroom got hit too, but nothing came through the windown thank goodness.

Flooding everywhere.

And at the end, the saw bucks are almost completely covered.

It all eventually drained but the crick stayed high, so when it rained today...

It picked up where it left off.

Back to the beginning.

But the ducks loved it!

Chase and Blake loved seeing ducks swimming in the backyard.

I don't think Travis was as amused...

(P.S. no flooding in the basement today yet)